Mata-Mata: A New Series of Collage on Jar Lid

Working on progress of paper collage on metal jar lid with scrap images of eyes
Work in Progress

This idea came when I was washing dishes and some mason jars with their lids. I looked at the lids for a while and suddenly an idea came to make collage on them. It might be so beautiful!. At that time, I did not have idea of any particular collage theme to make yet. But at least I knew it would be a (or some) series. Then I started to collect jar lids until I have many different size and colors.

A few days ago, finally I found a theme for my first series. I am happy to call it, “mata-mata”. Mata means eye in Indonesian language. While mata-mata means eyes and in the other hand also means spy. Through this series, I want to present the eyes as the doorway of our heart. Eyes are magical. They dominate emotional communication and communicate to others how we think and feel.

Six paper collages on metal jar lid with scrap images of eyes
The First Six of Mata-mata

I made the first six collages for this series on 8-cm metal jar lids. Just want to see how it looks while experimenting on other lid sizes and eyes materials. The idea is not just human eyes, but also animals’. So for sure, this series won’t stop at those six above.

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