World Collage Atlas 2019

Image source: Coupee Collage Collective

This year, I am participating in the World Collage Atlas project, initiated by Coupee, the Belgian collage collective. The project invited all collage artist around the world to make collage from an original antique World Atlas ‘Patria’, published just before WW2 in 1939 by ‘De Dag’ (dutch for ‘The Day’) in Antwerp, Belgium.

Then, 183 collage artists already confirmed to participate and 366 original pages was sent. I had opportunity to make collage from Java and Sumatra island map, page 250-251. All original collaged pages will be exhibited in May 11-19th at Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium. After that, they want to make the atlas travel to other exhibitions all over the world. It will be so great if I can see them in Barcelona!

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