In Memory

Collage for El Venadito – Art Against Animal Abuse Exhibition. An image deconstruction from a photograph by Carl E. Akeley, “A Burchell’s Zebra at Rest in the African Terrain“, March 1909.

With the title “In Memory“, this collage is trying to tell us about the regret of losing something worth that we did not appreciate or take care about before. Red flames that emitting through the zebra’s body represent blood and human error in dealing with them and their family (Equidae).

Reflecting on the extinction of Quagga, a subspecies of plain zebra, in the late of 19th century due to confusion caused by the indiscriminate use of the term “Quagga” for any zebra. The true Quagga was hunted to extinction without this being realized until many years later. When the Quagga mare at Amsterdam Zoo died on 12 August 1883, it was not realized that she was the very last of her kind (source: The Quagga Project).

You can visit El Venadito Exhibition at Centre Civic Sagrada Familia, Barcelona until February, 18, 2021.