Putri Ayusha


Kertasiun is the pseudonym or artist name of Putri Ayusha, a biologist and visual artist originally from Indonesia. She is currently living in Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain. Kertasiun came from two Indonesian words: “kertas” (paper) and “stasiun” (station). In other words, Kertasiun is all about (paper) collage artworks and illustrations by Putri Ayusha.

Why Collage?

“I don’t have any background in art and collage is the only art that doesn’t worry me at all about it. For me, (analog) collage is a kind of art therapy and challenge at the same time. I really enjoy the journey and adventure in every process I experience during generating ideas and collecting images. The tactile process, like cutting, tearing, matching, fitting, gluing, it’s really relaxing.

Collages show me how to not to be afraid to step out from reality. It liberates and sets me free. Since I’m a biologist, I used to think “rationally”, and working with collages allows me to change the vision that I used to have. It gives me the possibilities of creating unique stories.

I would like to say that working with collage is like working with a surprise box. First, we’ll never know the result until you decide to finish. And the final result will never be exactly the same as what we thought before. Then, the best part is, when we present it to the public, sometimes, instead of being surprised by our work, they will surprise us with their interesting interpretations.

In the end, I love to let my collages speak their way to the public by raising questions and opening a dialog among them. Making collage is not merely to cut and paste, it’s unlimited creativity generated by limited resources.”



“My artworks are experimental and really diverse. It is inspired by and related to nature, science, diversity, poetry, memory, and colors.

They help me to deliver my thoughts and emotions in a way that is more beautiful and tangible.”