Collage Challenges and Projects to Join in 2021

Hello, how is your 2021 going? Mine is full of ideas and inspirations. To spice up the year, I want to share some of (my favorites) collage challenges and projects we can join in 2021. Just in case we need supplement for daily practice. Almost all of them are Instagram challenges. Ready? Here we go….

Paris Collage Collective

Paris Collage Collective (PCC) is an online weekly collage challenge founded by Petra Zehner. Every week there will be a image prompt at their website. We can download (and print) then make one or several collages using the image. Analog and digital collages are welcome.

So, one collage a week for 52 weeks! PCC is open to everyone. We just need to use hashtag #pariscollageclub when we share our collage(s) on Instagram. 

A Month in Paper

A Month in Paper is Instagram challenge organized by The Paper Artist Collective. Throughout the month of January, they provide daily prompts challenge to answer. Then we have to put hashtag #AMonthInPaper when we submit/share our photos on Instagram (feed and/or story). This challenge is open to all artists working with paper, not only collage artists. We still have 9 days to catch up! It’s not too late to join.


Februllage is an open submission project initiated by The Edinburgh Collage Collective and The Scandinavian Collage Museum. Throughout the month of February, there are daily prompts. So, one collage a day for 28 days! The hashtags to use are #februllage and #februllage2021.

Februllage 2021

Fantasía Collage

If you are a fan of street art and want to integrate it with collage, then you have to join Fantasia Collage. It’s founded by Aurora Duque and Lo Súper. They invite us to fill the world’s streets with collages and spread smile in this pandemic time.

Open Call Fantasia Collage 2020

Any size of collage is welcome but it should be without background. We should stick it on the street, wall cracks, or any corner in the streets. If we can’t go out, we can place or stick it on our window, plant pot, our terrace, etc. Take a photo and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #fantasiacollage and the name of our city (for example: #madrid).

Fragmented Collective

Another weekly challenges to join is creative challenge by Fragmented Collective, an international collage and mixed media art community. It’s open to everyone.

Fragmented Collective Challenge

Every week they will provide an image to download in their website. Then we can post our finished artwork on Instagram with the hashtag #FragmentedChallenge and they will feature some of their favorites on their Instagram feed.

Glue Together

Glue Together is all year long weekly collage challenge. There will be a theme every Sunday! It’s curated by X V c o l l a g e and Adam Hutcheson. The hashtag to use is #gluetogether.

Glue Together Week 110

The Collage Garden

The Collage Garden is founded by Miss.Printed. The idea of this project is to invite collage artists from all over the world to work together and transform concrete walls, abandoned building, open space, etc into beautiful paper gardens. 

The Collage Garden Sevilla 2020

To participate we have to make paper collage(s) with botanical theme (use botanical elements: leaves, flowers, insects, animal, gardening tools, etc). The collage should be without background and the size should be no larger than A5.

Collage Between Covers

Another great project from The Edinburgh Collage Collective. Collage Between Covers is a platform which allowed collage artists to offer an insight into their work and processes by sharing a glimpse of their sketchbooks. Founded and run by Rhed Fawell. If you make collages on sketchbooks or between the covers, it’s a great place to share your work! Use hashtag #collage_between_the_covers for possible feature.

My Sketchbook for Abstract Collages

The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is a free, global art project, facilitated by Lindsay Jean. The idea is simple: we choose a creative project, do it every day for 100 days, and share our process online with hashtag #the100dayproject. Everyone is welcome to join this project! The next round starts January 31st, 2021.

It’s a great challenge for us to commit of making collage everyday for 100 days! Are you dare enough to join? I also asked to myself and I said: YES!

The Collage Exchange

The Collage Exchange invites artists around the world to send in a physical collage. All submitting artists will receive a collage at random in a worldwide exchange of artwork. Open to anyone actively associated or practicing artist with background in collage.

The Collage Exchange 2021

Deadline: March 31st, 2021. Submission to be an original analog collage. One submission per artist. Artwork to be submitted via post to the UK. Entry fee 10GBP (to be paid via PayPal). Any remaining money from The Collage Exchange 2021 submission fees will be donated to a charity of choosing.

World Collage Day

For all of collage artists on earth, this is our day! World Collage Day is a day to celebrate collage. The first World Collage Day was launched by Kolaj Magazine on May 12, 2018. Then it’s celebrated every year on every second Saturday of May. And the next World Collage Day is May 8th, 2021.

For those interested in joining the spirit of World Collage Day, Kolaj Magazine offer a number of opportunities to join in the celebration. Each year, they work with a collage artist to make a poster and other marketing collateral for the annual event. This year, they want to hear from artists who are interested in being considered. Deadline: January 31, 2021.

Visit the website (below) for specific details.

Kolaj Magazine is a quarterly, printed, art magazine reviewing and surveying contemporary collage with an international perspective. “We are interested in collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century art movement.”

Do you know other online challenges or projects? Put in the comment below. Thank you and see you around!